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DiabeNo is a 100% natural herbal medicine to help maintain and control blood sugar. A combination of highly beneficial herbs, the tablets have been clinically tested on humans, has no side-effects and reduces the chances of contracting diseases that affect your body due to diabetes, like kidney and heart disease, high blood pressure, eye and brain diseases, skin and related infections and other diseases. The medicine has also been clinically proven to improve excessive hunger, thirst, fatigue and urination.

The main extracts are Amra, Karela, Gudmar, Jamun and Shudh Shilajit which helps control blood glucose levels, increase the production of insulin, supresses the urge of eating sweets, and curtails cravings.


Herbs in Glo Hair Black

Rosemary Oil


Helps in releasing more Insulin.

Dudhi Seed Oil


Acts like Insulin and increases production of Insulin.

Lavender Oil


Supresses sweet cravings, regulates glucose Levels.

Pumpkin seed oil


Prevents increase in sugar levels after meals and keeps it under control.

Carrot seed oil


Helps to reduce damage to Beta cells thereby increasing insulin production.


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